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Pierce College, Woodland Hills, Ca. 1979-1981
Music and Science Major

Golden West, Huntington Ca. 1982-1984
Business and Music Major

Licensed Series 7 and Series 63 Broker (Financial)

Real Estate License (Florida), expired


1986-1990 Broker/Dealer (Financial)
1990-1995 Real Estate Investing (Tax Foreclosures)
1995-1997 Broker (Series 7, 63)
1998-2001 Real Estate Investing (Tax Foreclosures)
2000-2014 Oil and Gas (Leasing, Development)
  T. Boone Pickens Group 
  Texas Railroad Commission
  Texas Alliance of Energy Producers 
  Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association

Michael Christopher, Manager and Director
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1980Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
Lyman Briggs College - Biology, MD
1984Wayne State University School of Medicine, MD

Internship: Internal Medicine, William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, Michigan 1984-1985
Residency: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan
Graduated Summa cum Laude from Michigan State University
PHI KAPPA PHI, Honor Society
Chief Resident, William Beaumont Hospital, 1987-1988
American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award,
Honored member - National Directory of Who’s Who Among 
Rising Young Americans, 1992-Present
Honored member - National Directory of Who’s Who Registry 
of Global Business Leaders, 


Feb 1999-Present
Gen-Nan, RTC Resources Midland, Texas 
Production Superintendent – Operations

Supervision of all oil and gas drilling completion, construction and production operations in the 
Brookshire, Texas, Salt Dome, and Waller County, Texas. Special challenges include producing, 
treating, and marketing a 20 gravity asphalt based crude from a fresh water yielding formation, 
from a tight emulsion, within the perimeters of a 1% BS&W contract, via injection of emulsion 
breakers and vertical heaters; as well as the challenge of processing and injection of produced 
field water via a network of gathering and transfer pumps throughout the field and maintenance 
of such, cost effectively and safety. We are constantly challenged by the increasing demand to 
optimize production and minimize costs, as well as the ecological and environmental 
conservation of the community.

June 1991 – December 1998
Clayton Williams Energy Midland, Texas 
Senior Operator Lease Operations

Responsible for daily gauging, operating, maintenance and repair of forty oil and gas wells 
in the Austin chalk field, extending from Lee County, Texas through Burleson, Brazos, 
Washington and Milam Counties. Daily duties included personally calling in and scheduling 
of oil and water transports, as well as logging all oil and water tickets, and daily production 
data into a personal laptop computer and uploading data to mainframe computer at the 
Midland Office. I was also responsible for the operation and maintenance of a company 
vehicle, as well as attending monthly safety meetings and was required to complete H25 
training as well as first aid and CPR annually. Other responsibilities included interaction 
with other operations, construction and maintenance personnel, drilling and completion 
personnel, and production foreman and superintendent. I was laid off in December 1998,
 along with eight other, due to declining oil prices and cutbacks in operations.

October 1998 – May 1991
B.W.O.C., Inc. Bryan, Texas
Senior Operator Night Operations 

Responsible for daily operations of all production, gathering, injection, and processing facilities 
throughout the entire Woodbine filed, during night time hours of 7:00 pm – 5:00 pm. I was 
responsible for making sure that all gas lifts, electric submersibles, sales compressors, water 
injection pumps, water processing pumps, transfer pumps, gathering pumps, and sales pumps 
ran during the night, as well as supervision of any call outs. 

Kevin B. Hill
Geophysical Consultant

Kevin B. Hill is a geophysical consultant with more than 24 years 
of broad Gulf Coast and international experience in exploration and 
production geophysics and geology. He is president of Hill Geophysical 
Consulting in Shreveport, Louisiana.  

Mr. Hill specializes in integrating state-of-the-art geophysical 
technologies with geology, and has designed and interpreted numerous 
2-D and 3-D seismic surveys in the Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Tertiary 
plays of the Gulf Coast basins in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi 
and Alabama. His international work includes interpretation of over 
4,000 km. of 2-D seismic data in a Latin American offshore Tertiary 
basin, Australia, Canada, Bahrain and a large 3-D transition shoot in 

Mr. Hill was involved in the original design of the PC-based seismic 
workstation software called Kingdom 3d-Pak. He teaches courses on 
using Seismic Micro-Technology, Inc., Kingdom software at schools 
around the world. His schools include data loading, interpretation, 
mapping, post-stack processing, stratigraphic analysis, synthetics, 
modeling, 3-D visualization, and presentation techniques.

Hill received a BS-Professional Degree in Geology in 1977 from 
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, where he was 
president of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and received the H.V. Howe
 award for outstanding Geology graduate. Prior to becoming a 
consultant in 1987, he worked as Senior Exploration Geophysicist 
for Sonat Exploration in Shreveport, LA; Regional Exploration 
Geophysicist for Forest Oil Corporation in Lafayette, LA, and Jackson
 MS; and as a Senior Geophysicist for Cities Service Company in Tulsa, 
OK, and Jackson, MS.  

Richard W Pomrenke

Sr Petroleum Engineer/Well Completions at Hamilton Engineering/BP Amoco
Houston, Texas 
(Consulting Petroleum Engineer)

Mr. Pomrenke is currently a Senior Petroleum Engineer for Hamilton Engineering/BP Amoco. Mr. Pomrenke also served as the procedural consulting engineer for Progas; through his company. He drafts completion and rework procedures on some of the deeper wells, higher pressured wells for Progas, and in general he drafts procedures for well completions when needed. Mr. Promrenke received his degree in petroleum engineering from West Virginia University; knowing the legal responsibilities of his trade due to oil and gas operating agreements and other legal matters, he also attended South Texas Law School for 1 ½ years. Mr. Pomrenke has a myriad of experience in drilling and completion of wells with both major and independent oil and gas companies. 

He served as project manager and trouble shooter for Amoco internationally; as a re-completion engineer for their Gulf Coast properties; completed production operation studies for Shell, Pennzoil and Chevron in Mississippi, Texas, California and Pennsylvania; was a well site supervisor for BHP; charged with development of 400+ procedures for operations and maintenance of the Exxon/Mobil Kizomba A & B Surface Wellhead Platform drilling rig in 4000+ of water offshore Angola; was involved in the engineering of numerous off shore and on shore prospects for the majors and other independents. Mr. Pomrenke also served as a consulting completion, frac and rework engineer for British Petroleum in the Houston office. And Mr. Pomrenke serves as the chief and procedural engineer for the group.

Strengths: Well completion, well stimulation, reserve estimation, down hole work, over pressured wells, gas and oil well completion and production. His greatest strength is his experience with thousands of wells in numerous basins of the world and his ability to see into the well completion future, drafting procedures for others to follow in the field, communicating with them accurately. Mr. Pomrenke gets rattled by very little, in even the biggest of blow out type situations.